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My review of ‘Child and youth migration: mobility-in-migration in an era of globalization’

Share via Social Media…My review of ‘Child and youth migration: mobility-in-migration in an era of globalization’ by AngelaVeale and Giorgia Donà, is published in Children’s Geographies and can be accessed via this eprint link :   excerpt from the article: …..”emphasis on mobility, and therefore the experiences of less-and-more mobile people, and consequently the way neoliberal and […]

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The American Dream: Between Hope and Despair

Share via Social Media…It might be time to retune back home … as the popular saying goes : – no matter how far away you roam, there’s no place like home! About three weeks ago, while I was in the heat of preparing and participating in some eight seminars as part of my Masters Degree […]

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Happy Earth Day – A Sustainable Future Starts with You!

Share via Social Media…Today is the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment. Though some level of progress is being made in areas like climate change as noticed from the recent UN climate change talks in Cancun ( visit: ), much remains […]

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A Secure Life for Young People, at Home or Abroad

Share via Social Media…Last fall, I had the honor of speaking to participants at the 13th Melaka International Youth Dialogue, which focused on youth migration. I spoke about general trends of youth migration and the increasing number of young people who move within and across countries and regions, a situation that is influencing the human […]

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